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Deseret News wrote:

Standing at a portable podium on the pickleball court at 5th Avenue and C Street, Mayor Ralph Becker and other civic leaders announced Friday that Salt Lake City has committed to making the city more "age friendly."

Becker announced the kickoff for a Salt Lake City Aging In Place Initiative, saying th...
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Tiffany DeMasters wrote:

The Salt Lake City Council is proposing a mandatory city-wide recycling program for larger businesses, apartment complexes and condos.

It’s an answer to requests from business owners and residents in multi-family units to provide recycling services.

The city aims to recycle or compost 70 percent of property owners' waste by 2025 an...
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Danica Lawrence wrote:

Salt Lake City government and police are collaborating with a neighborhood watch app in an effort to engage residents and build safer communities, officials announced Monday.

Salt Lake City residents have used the app, Nextdoor for years. The app is a private neighborhood-focused social network for residents that is designed to kee...
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Kiersten Nuñez wrote:

A smoggy skyline takes over the valley during winter inversions, and advocates for cleaner air are calling on the state to pass new rules regarding air quality.

“Utah is in more than a decade of violating national standards for dirty air,” said Matt Pacenza, Executive Director of HEAL Utah.

That's why Pacenz...
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Mark Green wrote:

In the Rio Grande District, Salt Lake City is facing a balancing act, one that helps both business and the homeless.

It’s a task that hasn’t been easy. In just the last year, the city has ramped up police patrols and established a special commission to come up with a plan.

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Deseret News wrote:

Utah prison inmates could be released at least four months early for finishing programs state officials say are shown to help keep them from committing crimes after they get out.

The incentive is part of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative that takes effect Thursday. State lawmakers approved sweeping changes to Utah's criminal justic...
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FOX 13 News wrote:

Volunteers turned out at Parleys Historic Nature Park in Salt Lake City to plant 1200 trees in just four hours.


According to Tree Utah, one mature tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

They say these 1200 trees can also produce enough oxygen for 2400 people in sal...
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FOX 13 News wrote:

At any given time, there are between 800 and 1,000 young people living on the streets in Utah.

But now those youth will soon have access to a state of the art resource center at 888 South 400 West in Salt Lake City.

The new resource center from Volunteers of America i...
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FOX 13 News wrote:

The “undead” invaded downtown Salt Lake City Sunday afternoon as hundreds of people participated in the eighth annual SLC Zombie Walk, which benefits the Utah Food Bank.

Attendees who dressed up as a zombie and donated a grocery sack of food were able to secure a free pass to Salt Lak...
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The Deseret News wrote:

It took a call to action from the Obama administration and a significant increase in federal funding.

But virtually ending chronic homelessness among veterans in Salt Lake City also required the boots-on-the ground efforts of 20-something AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer Elizabeth Oliver, who cultivated a pool of landlords willing to rent apartment...
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