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Everyone Wins in the Next Great American City


A community is only healthy when all of its members are healthy.

For Salt Lake City to thrive as a Great American City, we must build better solutions to meet the needs homeless and others who are less fortunate. In doing so, we will help them recognize and achieve their potential, improve the quality of our city for all of its residents, and serve as a model for other cities.

Making a Difference

A plan unveiled recently at a meeting of the Homeless Services Commission recommended the creation of smaller homeless shelters for different segments of the homeless population, scattered around the city, and possibly the county.

We are in discussions with Salt Lake County about data-driven methods of streamlining and improving the provision of services both to the short-term and long-term homeless. If you have expertise with Big Data and would like to be involved, or want to know more about efforts that are underway, contact us and let us know.

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